The song of the remote angels is coming through every rook of the galaxy unfolding all facets of the unknown Who am I then as the night shines in my eyes and the songs I long to sing ? Who am I lost in the desert of Marrakesh riding the black horse of destiny? Pray […]

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Lost time loosing oneself in others White nights lucid dreaming Memory lapses pain unresolved bleeding in vain There is a path to the truth open let’s take it my love

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Gently into the night for this moment is all It is doing and I don’t do Whatever dreams the life is dreaming me Forgiven forever needing nothing having it all

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One step more takes my life as I know it The silence of the night after the full moon The cats eating in the cold the moon behind the trees Oh god how I love you over the ocean the forests the mountain and the clouds . In your embrace the time stops as if […]

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