Dark matter IV

Image and text by atma anna christ


Stay, hold me, hear my heart beat, love me…

She cried, yelled, shout…

the winter long and the moment went by frozen echo…


Dark matterIII

picture and text by atma anna christakou

Name and fame roll and rail quiet night beside the holy and the lame

stay away or not the divination key lost

mother without milk stray dogs indeed

can I hold your hand as you going down?

does it really matter if you are rich or poor when you know the illusion of buying time?

Oh my brother my killer how deception is your crown ?

sacrifice is the game of ignorance and gratitude the game of illusion…


Dark matter II

by atma anna christ


Dreaming the dreams of wisdom fearless warrior of grace

Looking at the distance between myself and you there is nothing left only time

expanding and contracting eternally

Facing fear the ugly unyielding face reacting repetition unforgiving

and now as she turns her back she can see the future advancing

momentum of glory divine


Dark matter

by atma anna christ


Travelling tonight places enchanting wooing terrifying

almost all karma unleashed feverishly executing

standing by the door the train enters the station but it is not the right one realizes as she is moving out

Having thoughts surpassing action more and more mesmerizing

Je ne suis pas d ici

Another day freezing dreams to eternity plants are still green sun through the window

playing lost and found…


by atma anna christ


Wind was wild through the mind left her haywire lonely panicked

she had to strike the elephant of mooladar unwise

and fallen to the pits of fire in the great black hole

then madness can be the only safe place…

Another transaction

Another appointment

Another rush hour

her life a rat race only too long

Looking at the mirror another wrinkle to fill up

as long as she can buy some more someplace someone…

This is only part of the story

Drawing by George Haslam

Dragon fly

by atma anna christ


The eye of the storm the eye of the sphinx the eye of Cyclops

Ashes of eternity unknown destination, bones of ancestors

hawk diving only to know that prey and predator are one fine line of survival

The diving orbit of destiny…IMG_0440