By atma anna christ Death by heat waves of unknown cause, madness, nuclear explosion, summer around the edge of Mediterranean Sea?Colours are so perfect now I don't want to die or maybe want too much.In this situation I have no solution to your problem of identity crisisThe feeling I get is just colours changing in […]

Time lapse

Today I found in a drawer a post card with two drunk mice on cocktailSaying till next year LoveA jewel with I Ching stuck on it saying good luckThe fact that there is no name and I cannot remember is all there is.Finding a special friend somewhere forgotten not knowing whoWhy did I have to […]

Inveterate scar

by atma anna christ Her marriage in black cheap dress at a city hall somewhere witnessed by some policeman and a big lady to a man who was an abandoned child seeking a mother.A drill a paradise lost a playground for adult vampires ?Who knows really the machinations of time metaphysics?great time ago can be […]


By atma anna christ. The blue oh that blue dreaming blue diving could death be that transparent?feather of the Egyptian Toth The morning was sleeping in the deep blue sea then she woke up in the wind Entered a capsule of the time of judgement Broken bones for killing an embryorotting skin for rotting wordsWatching […]


By atma anna christ Memory in memoriam memento mnemonics metaphorIs this a mind game? do I remember this ? is this fiction?seems like impossible did this really happenedwas it a part of some dream scape? An escape?Blue marks of beating blue face of suffocation blue sea diving blue eyes of cat blue jeansHow do I […]


@by atma anna christ Blood line of violence brute abuse uncontrollable anger the abyss. Magnificent strides of importance and the fall in a tomb later much later  leaving a legacy Burning all karma tonight in the innocence of no tetribution holding your hand and saying Love give me meaning to go on , to fall […]


@atma anna christ Sun was setting slowly midsummer hearts breaking for nothing or for all there is. Finding excuses not to be vulnerable making head stroke senarios about interest and profit while the pain infested heart had no way to cry out for love this is the place and this is the face  Work some […]