Don’t spill the holy water Don’t cross the passage with arrogance The night is long so watch the sky The madness predictable stay on the mountain The earth is loving only that…

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Αν οιξη

Κάτω απο την ανθισμένη νερατζια κοιμάται ένα γατακι Η ζωή στ αλήθεια ήταν χτες η αυριο? Τα δάκρυα τα θυμάμαι η έρχονται ? Η νύχτα έρχεται η φεύγει? Τα μάτια σου λάμπανε η θα σβήσουν? Είμαι εδώ ότι νοσταλγώ με σκοτώνει ότι περιμένω με καθηλωνει Ετσι αφήνομαι στις ώρες και οι ώρες με πλαθουνε στο […]

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Falling and falling no end the rain the pain and what is making them fall? The blue eyes of the moon looking at the heart of the asteroid descending velocity? Or you wanting the rain to wash away your fear? Hold me my love as am shivering in this frozen heartless moment The rain is […]

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Rainy day

Mountain clouds the misty morning of Christmas when people have excuse to connect for no apparent reason seems Cats sleeping time is the only dimension and even that does not exist Dancing with dark matter The night revealed hopes or fears Far away no end

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The moon this morning veiled in iris clouds chrysanthemum blooming cats going for rounds Builders are not here yet the quiet immensity revealing her beauty

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Chasing happiness lovely game of time Avoiding death painful denial Being here and now watching the cats the incense burning life emptying the cup of coffee Autumn melancholy as we run around for more…

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