by atma anna christ


In deep water swimming

waves of truth crashing

turning seemed effortless sadness of eternity



by atma anna christ


As if surrendering to the story would make the story disappear

As if the sky would stay blue forever if your eyes are staring

As if the madness will grow sweet secret power in you

As if the essence of life slowly turns into a moment of sadness

I have come to be with you in this foggy weather on this strange mountain

to be with you in this serene mirror of thunderbolts

walking in memory corridors enchanted

such was my destiny…


by atma anna christ


The rain is clear and falls straight

The rain is opaque and unpredictable

The rain is slow and gorgeous

The rain is smooth and full of delight

The rain is sweet and damp

The rain is falling just falling

When you fall in deep sadness is probably like the rain

and when the sadness is magic is probably like raining sadness

Then what is other than that?

Jupiter Venus conjunction

by atma anna christ


Sun was setting unsettling

Moon distressed Kal Sarpa

Longing for one another enemies are friends

Aren’t all love stories the same?

From ascend to descend from fear to love from passion to betrayal

In your eyes the world is born in your kiss dies…


Photo by jaya suberg


by atma anna christ


As the story goes as the wind blows as the waves crash on the shore

Nothing remains ever the same your eyes the dream tore

Something is there unsaid unfinished untouched

a tear in a pool of contempt

Chrysanthemums blooming the cat in the bed

Your longing so deep so blunt so unpredictable strikes

in anger in fear in lies

and this good bye is like giving diamonds as a pawn for a drink

is like falling in the abysmal depths of unknown

and I dance and dance and know

the end of this world

Into the nothingness at last…


by atma anna christ


The needles on her body talking her solitude

Tattoos around the arms of the priest

Room full of demons demanding for blood




Human condition?

Demonic formation?

Angelic cloud?

On the side street so much lavender cut

from a garden thrown away

Trains buses subways as the dance goes on

As maps of consciousness are drawn on computer screens

As lovers disappear in parallel universes…