Planetary war

@atma anna christ

Seems only strange

seems only familiar

What is this moment of projection into a cloud?

Mind is only reasonable



He had a dream, he was trying to reach her hand before she takes the leap into the inconceivable.

The dream was recurring

To escape the dream he started drinking as not to sleep

Then she was dreaming that she was trying to reach out to him …

This was a moment somewhere in alps next winter


@ atma anna christ

Once you send me a postcard when I was living in Paris of swimmers in line about to dive in the pool.

Once the dreams were reality every moment nothing else to desire or look forward

Once life was a poem we have been writing together.

Loving you was my rhyme

and your smile the harmony between the lines

Once we were in Paris together

and I had taken a picture of you pissing in a river

you call it the punk era

here now the sun is setting and Jupiter just entered libra zodiac

feeling the ethereal movement of your memory across my body

like the ocean of my long swim…

Where? Who?

@atma anna christ

Home of my dream is just here

the door open

trees outside and cats

music playing

amazing Greek wine

hat on the chair keys at the door

swimming suit hanging on the tree

Birds singing

Dreaming of you coming back home