@atma anna christ She was walking through this desert a long before  now this silence was so defining so deafening  it was the silence that actually made her panic  the fear of death of everything ending in this complete aloneness  The landscapes of sand dunes rippling and silence the dryness the infinity of sand grains […]

Ad infinitum

by atma anna christ Mask on and the dance was taking place on open field full of chamomile the old pal was drunk today and no one could think of him as a child  full of life playing baseball on a ground of camomile and the scent being still with him  in this dark corner […]

Sympathy for the dev

@atma anna christ And if you don’t talk to me and if you don’t answer the phone and if you don’t you acknowledge  does it mean something? You are always with me talking to me and listening to me and you know it So what is this all about? Self denial ? Walking the path […]


@atma anna christ Symmetry the game of chances night is flowering around honeysuckle  diamonds around the eyes of passiflora incarnata babies screaming on airplanes as they take off to one eternity after another and she was sitting there bored remembering her wild youth in September swimming pools so much as for the phone to ring […]


@atma anna christ So ecstatic so great so absolutely amazing the trip to reality today. Culminating to the inconceivable event of accepting destiny  or destination destitute turning millionaire in many ways the flower blooms on time  timelessness applies to formless  way love is eternal in timelessness  third dimension love evolves to jealousy hatred grudge betrayal […]


@ atma anna christ The dark hours when the sun was brilliantly shining and the coincidences enhanced having seen the lost and forgiven she had endured trauma for such a long time  that makes me wonder if she was still alive or pretending to be so Then the time flashed away was wondering why if […]


by atma anna christ What  you loose you win in another place another time, there is no loss cause everything is counted and energy remains always in different form or space or time the energy lingers along. So stay calm my friend the dream is never over we are born to loose whatever we are […]