by atma anna christ


To the family altar I have given everything to please mom and dad and little sister Mary

And here I stand empty alone knowing not who I am but glimpses of truth flowing down the drain

To the family my heart my mind my blood and kind till my death do me apart

Burning the known to the unknown freaking aloud and about and knowing not which is the language of all

Flying high leaving behind the mimes and dimes wind is blowing through pines and heart has bled and breath has depth

And finally who cares if I am liked…

Photo by Kunito Imai


Some days

by atma anna christ


While the sun is rising the mind is falling some days the cat knows better

Who knows the sun really the passion of this burning entity the desire that burns it

We only attend the moon reflecting our thinking and knowing so other to the truth…


by atma anna christ


Στα μάτια αυτού του ονείρου με πήρε η θλίψη και αρμενισα εκεί που το μυαλό σταματάει

Αν ήταν μια ευχή έγινε άπειρο μαζί της πήρε τα σημάδια

Εδώ ς αυτή τη έρημο η νύχτα πέφτει και μέσα της γεννιέται η πνοή…