Absurd memory connections life stream momentum infinity loving the moment entirely unpredictable the night Who am I now with or without?

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The night falling dreams of loss unending moments less or even Metronome of existence another the other pictures displaced torn burned memories nothing affords millions of stars in her eyes the night solace falling and falling in mystery time Wild horses galloping the wind of eternity space embracing odes tears rivers oceans engulfing torment a […]

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I drunk from your glass and the taste killed me Certainly alone I wonder in nameless cities and the time is always the same and the night is forever Don’t know if I ever loved you but I know you were godlike filthy rich madman without consciousness only I drunk from your lips and the […]

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Mesmerizing soft rain night falling dreams expanding life giving emptiness holding my hand in awe smoking ceremony This is a night of loss along the river of memory remembering human pain Loss of the story she kept repeating to stay alive and now it doesn’t hold anymore Will she find another story? Will she stay […]

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Closing the eyes Sadness feeling in the heart moist heavy cloud the day passed through many places of adventure where light and darkness meet Who am I if I am not? and death all of a sudden is real is the only certainty we are in denial of daisies are blooming now the cats are […]

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All she said was “I need this” Then time was unbearable Then moments passed as if years in the eyes of the innocent Then we had no mother no father no sister no brother just slow burning passion through our veins. The water was salty and food tasteless At the end we had a feeling […]

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