Closing the eyes Sadness feeling in the heart moist heavy cloud the day passed through many places of adventure where light and darkness meet Who am I if I am not? and death all of a sudden is real is the only certainty we are in denial of daisies are blooming now the cats are […]

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All she said was “I need this” Then time was unbearable Then moments passed as if years in the eyes of the innocent Then we had no mother no father no sister no brother just slow burning passion through our veins. The water was salty and food tasteless At the end we had a feeling […]

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Somewhere one day brilliant immensity exposed in your pain unfathomable mysteries revealed Who are you? The residue of your sweat on my skin your breath on my hair your nostalgia in my blood Waves crashing windy morning kissing rocks praying in between silences words escaping raw meaningless impossible Loving a gesture forgotten in so many […]

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Took off your eyes mirrors breaking full moons apart hypnotic dances of regret Showing your true colours behind the black Imagine delusion taking your breath What is left then behind your grandiose mask at some special party? Regret pain confusion going for another drink one more smoke and the show of a super star masquerade […]



Some days the time flats some nights the window cracks some longing is there in your absence again forgotten forbidden forgone Some other moments clarity has dawned then crying she left abiding to magnificence Here alone now time counts love counts mercy counts and fake accounts and empty promises cover the space before the moment […]

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