Who is the judge of this mystery? Who is the most critical mind? Who is the best of all to try to find a penance for a saint? And who is the one to name one a saint? And as the story goes who is competent enough to say She is a filthy bitch a […]

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In this game of illusion did anyone really love you? Was anyone really there? Or you just thought so to forget yourself? As if who you are did not really matter , only others in their passages of coming and going of wanting and taking of abandoning and betraying Did you ever love your movement […]

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Long day under water mermaid dread logs metaphors of madness seahorses smiling dancing again with you walking deserts and snow caped mountain to find my soul Pain like a year of redemption again Forgetting the transient bliss of experience or the wild pain Wondering what is right or wrong or neither retiring from knowing Je […]

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Then I have learned to love without Object expectation fear obsession fighting for a place as the fire eats up the remnants of the day Crushing away dreams to drops of rain Then I learned to love within and the story fell in the abyss of madness and the spell bloomed and dried up under […]

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As beings give birth easily as they die and as the sun rises the sun sets and as the story begins the story ends and as the mind thinks the mind unthinks Let’s say one is lost and one finds one self one day what would be the consequence on the large scheme of creation? […]

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They came and they went persons unknown wanting to know whatever they could not accept They rejected themselves and their mirror wandering in revolving colourful doors tripping trips here and there fearing shadows projections Hate or love they called it yet it was always the same dissatisfaction creeping harpies Now what ? The dance is […]

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