Some days the time flats some nights the window cracks some longing is there in your absence again forgotten forbidden forgone Some other moments clarity has dawned then crying she left abiding to magnificence Here alone now time counts love counts mercy counts and fake accounts and empty promises cover the space before the moment […]

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They stood by the ledge dreaming heroic delirious The observer was in pain The night was advancing No one among them knew what death was expanding into unknown this landscape was loosing its essence Moments seemed days and songs sound eternities Farewell my friend I will never look into your eyes again daffodils under a […]

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If black is a colour If moon is silver If death is expansion This moment is a replica of my death in your warm embrace love fire food…

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Dark eyes jasmin scent window light Dancing regrets away How did she hurt you back then! Betrayed fooled abandoned all for an ego thinking gain or loss As the night grows deep there is nothing to know nothing to expect The wind wild over the desert approaching aegyptian temple

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Northern wind love bleeding dreams burning life time splitting night grows pain madness healing Between you and me an eternity braking the mirror Oceanic feeling embracing memory Whoever you are you are. Not

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As the day was falling off my eyes and the song was starting in my guts entering the unknown space of predilections The possibilities of the war zone closing and poverty ending and madness concluding Philosophizing, advising, mapping, defining, explaining and all the redundant attributes of the mind Let. Me love you in essence for […]

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