Pain denied along the places we loved once Our eyes blind calling for light as the nights burnS away hope The darkness of the night recedes in the bulbs of high tech and there is no place for the animals to sleep Pain is all we deny as if pleasure will save the day as […]

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One day the snow passed by this place The life I lived so far away was it me or someone else? The snow falling through my face was my face or somebody else’s flying through life back and forth unknown to myself and stranger to others Your letter came thirty years too late and melted […]

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The song of the remote angels is coming through every rook of the galaxy unfolding all facets of the unknown Who am I then as the night shines in my eyes and the songs I long to sing ? Who am I lost in the desert of Marrakesh riding the black horse of destiny? Pray […]

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Lost time loosing oneself in others White nights lucid dreaming Memory lapses pain unresolved bleeding in vain There is a path to the truth open let’s take it my love

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