Gently into the night for this moment is all It is doing and I don’t do Whatever dreams the life is dreaming me Forgiven forever needing nothing having it all

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One step more takes my life as I know it The silence of the night after the full moon The cats eating in the cold the moon behind the trees Oh god how I love you over the ocean the forests the mountain and the clouds . In your embrace the time stops as if […]

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Meta phore

One day on a blue mountain birds found the rock to nest Long was their journey Across the ocean of memory One day your heart will find what is already there Rejoice in the unexpected engage in the mundane and love the insignificant

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Light in the deep psyche where knowing dissolves and being arises Holding on to no sense as life shines without me Love is just a breath a word a gentle glance gift unexpected Absence is a message of pain unresolved Joining the ocean of suffering or joy and the dance with you The night is […]

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Who is the judge of this mystery? Who is the most critical mind? Who is the best of all to try to find a penance for a saint? And who is the one to name one a saint? And as the story goes who is competent enough to say She is a filthy bitch a […]

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In this game of illusion did anyone really love you? Was anyone really there? Or you just thought so to forget yourself? As if who you are did not really matter , only others in their passages of coming and going of wanting and taking of abandoning and betraying Did you ever love your movement […]

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