mercury retro

in this retrogression we have the chance to discover the dimension of the unknown pertaining to our need to taste the fruit of a forbidden desire. taking the risk or not entails a certain sacrifice the meaning of sacrifice is the transcendence of fear

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In your eyes i see the world understanding infinity in the infinity your eyes expand to cosmic events in cosmic events when we meet again only some strings of light will tell our story…

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honeysucle full moon planetary conference in Aries dreaming again about the last dream when she was a captive, a slave then how did she get so used to it … the other dream where she was a queen kept coming again and then she forgot she could choose … what is a choice for a […]

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sweet mercury- retro

sweet mercury messenger of gods your message is so clear now -be who you are- accept the fool in you as to liberate the wise it is not about power ; it is about love empty the bowl of fear and let your wings grow…

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mercury retrograde

nothing but nothing seems real learning the language of divination expecting would mean allowing emptiness to be filled fulfillment would then bring decline when i was older had a glimpse of memory pertaining to the inconceivable

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