Full moon in bharani

Bharani means yoni , the female sex organ, and is governed by the lord of death Yama. What an irony death to be presiding over the organ of procreation. Certainly though whatever takes birth must die. In this ominous note this moon s meaning is about letting go like the menstrual blood of an ovum […]

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full moon in virgo

The mind is full and what is full is content, what is content can stop and relax and clear. Therefore this is a good day for meditation. This is the time to meditate on clarity, precision and perfection and the deep meaning of self-love, the loving kindness meditation. We start with self-love because it is […]

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Lord shani retro

Infatuated by the story, walking like a zombie in the enchantment of fascination between fear and desire. now is crystal clear, the steps are about to be taken, mesmerized no more. now I see the story, the plot, the lies and the ultimate truth. duality makes this reality up…

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south node Ketu playground

In this moment of clarity to write about the south node Ketu would be like writing about denial. What is denial? The very core of every pathos, the very core of what we could call illness, what we could call addiction, escape or spiritual experience in the best of times. to write about denial involves […]

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Mercury retro plus-vedic

Everything is coming back now to reconsider whatever was unclear back then it is so clear now , it has to be true iam aware of it, it is the awareness now , it is the crisis now, because it has to be resolved otherwise it is not moving on. do you see? This time […]

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full moon i \n Sagitarius

  the moon ┬áthe mind the waxing and waning of the mind stranger to itself getting the light of the sun on Lord Siva head the mind is the water the moon is the water the reflection the liquidity the yielding the mind knowing the mind is as hard as letting the self be exposed […]

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