full moon in virgo

IMG_1170The mind is full and what is full is content, what is content can stop and relax and clear.

Therefore this is a good day for meditation. This is the time to meditate on clarity, precision and perfection and the deep meaning of self-love, the loving kindness meditation. We start with self-love because it is impossible to love another if we don’t know what this means ourselves.

As the moon reflects the sun in Pisces in the deep waters of intuition let’s get intuitive lets read our dreams , let’s get the messages today as they present themselves massively every moment and try  interpreting them with clarity and precision.

Every moment brings a new message lets meditate  with loving kindness to find the answer we are looking for.

om purnamadam purnamidam purnat purna mudachyate purnasya purna madaya purna meva vasisyate.

Everything is full and if we take everything away the fullness remains perfect as everything is full (liberal translation of the above mantra).


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