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IMG_0222Oh Goddess let us know happiness!

must she be inspired to write about something the witness does not want to touch?

it has been a long winter so far and sometimes the darkness was so involving unresolved.

thinking about the children playing again in her memory, the old palm tree they used as a door to enter other worlds.

thinking about her queendom in this garden with her lovely trees they talked without end every morning as the sun was rising.

thinking about the first chapter of bhagavad gita as Arjuna does not want to fight and the mighty Govinda speaking about detachment as the one never dies and is never born.

and then the witness principle listening the two sides of the same story and the story is just not the same anymore.

the same story becomes two different stories and the witness view is the third story.

As i want to be terrified again and frozen as i want to be alone and hide from the world the world is calling me to tell this third story that is never told and always relevant.

in a love story always we have two different views as the people separate from each other, they have different memories of how they met, different views of how they related and how they have come to loath each other in the name of passion.

when we learn how to listen the endless complains of the same story in our selves , this same story that we repeat again and again trying to resolve the riddle and falling always in the same holy hole.

all separations are just moments of frozen time where both people stop because they cannot change the story

the story has to stay the same , this is the curse the healer is called to resolve.

for that a healer needs to know how to listen for what is never said and what is never said is the truth.

the healer has to make up the truth from the ruins of denial.

this synthesis is like the fractals, understanding one very minute detail to perfection one can enter the bliss of clarity

once clarity is established she knows that there never was a story but always a story in a story and the expectation to live up to this story within a story.

the question is how can a human being live a life trying to live up the story within the story

astrology could be a code to change the story but then astrologers change their stories so often and again the same loop.

healing is the witness of the mind as the mind feelsĀ safe.

healing is the witness of the story as the story is told in gesture, silence, smiling or crying and words without meaning, the curse is revealing itself in parallel worlds that she must be able to attend simultaneously to get the meaning.

entering into the belly of the beast or the black hole or the fundamental memory loss.

oh Goddess let us know happiness!


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