morning gloria

I have no right to judge myself. Iam who iam and the sun is not rising or setting the sun is there we are rising and setting The greatness is there we miss if or not the beauty is there and the darkness as well We are jumping all over the place and we think […]

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healing the ghosts of the past

some days when i think of an old friend and the whole story that happened between us; the easy way is to judge everything explain everything and give it a label so the mind is appeased and somehow the questions seemed answered. In this situation the given friend came up and i had to explain […]

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immersed in the light entering your altar goddess tonight as the sun and the moon exalted throw their light to human souls awakening bliss! releasing all fear naked in the aura of your divine enchantment are there really any enemies or is it a figment to make us feel like victims of life and forget […]

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swimming again?

there is no end in this unfolding always drugs me back to the beginning entangling as ever pretentiously unbearable. It needs understanding it has no end only understanding, projecting  madness to another,  anger to another , possessiveness  to another. then? what is the end of this? how do i stop projecting ? is all life projecting and […]

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coin cid ences

Oh Goddess let us know happiness! must she be inspired to write about something the witness does not want to touch? it has been a long winter so far and sometimes the darkness was so involving unresolved. thinking about the children playing again in her memory, the old palm tree they used as a door […]

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ma every where?

        Today the essence of you my sweet goddess as i have seen you in my walks to the unknown knocked at me door then i was sleeping as you entered and found the key after that i had no friend or enemy , life was so simple and  put the oil […]

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