ma every where?






Today the essence of you my sweet goddess as i have seen you in my walks to the unknown knocked at me door

then i was sleeping as you entered and found the key

after that i had no friend or enemy , life was so simple and  put the oil lamp on to welcome your destiny on mine

slowly the time passes on the unknown and the essential dissolves in the fountain of mystery where the blue water drops from your high center beyond the eyes

divine as you are there in no way to accumulate merit no matter what you planning it will be always the same fighting the inner enemies again and again and the thousand swords slaying the demons of your huge ego

then one day as i am walking on this playground i came to understand the will shall pass and the diamonds are falling to your feet sweet angel dressed in black

wait the sun is not yet rising wait stay with me for a bit longer as iam whispering your sweet name dear one beloved one my saviouress warrioress of light …


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