the weather was changing all of a…

nothing but nothing seems real

walking the path as it is unfolding, the mind gets disturbed sometimes by fear, by anger, by love, by difference.

the next step is most of the time predictable

hunger is shifting awareness

i have seen the other approaching as a stranger dressed in mothers clothes

i always see the other facing the mirror made up like a fashion model

the old shaman cries at times in the desert dancing away pain

Saturn is conjucting Rahu precisely now and the curse is active

dont even want to cry

just reading

books difficult to read as the letters dance

serena said : would you like to read minds ? fun ha

then turned the corner to a parallel projection

billy was old and staring the void

sleeping he said is the only remedy for the divine…

i had to go then the train was arriving at the door of my ex husband

he must be living somewhere by the lake of forgetfulness

blanche never understood sex she was a virgin all the way

why do you need to make sense anyway why does writing has to advertise something?

why do you need to be important anyway

isnt just enough that you lost your memory?

bobon said she was sorry i went through the shock

she meant most probably that she was going through a shock herself and had no courage to admit, it was so convenient to project on me all the time in nice phrases and with lots of sweet bubbles around

the essence of spiritual is ual the spirit is always absent evaporated from cheap advertisement on facebook

must go home and dont seem to find the right escalator

bye johny you have been so cute ha…

anyway dont mention it !


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