IMG_1166immersed in the light entering your altar goddess tonight as the sun and the moon exalted throw their light to human souls awakening bliss!

releasing all fear naked in the aura of your divine enchantment

are there really any enemies or is it a figment to make us feel like victims of life and forget that death is happening every moment in the face of friends, family and loved ones

then are there any enemies anyway?

could be your father who killed you last life or in a parallel reality

could be your mother who let you starve of love

then are really any enemies as opposite to friends ?

or is it the same energy unfolding into dimensions of light where we perceive the poison as cure and the cure as poison?

certainly iam alone and at the same time so many people come and go, so many phone calls , so many words…

just bought a sports car with the brakes in my mind and the colour of my hair

i have inherited a million and this is enough to make the difference between the blues and funk

daughter of sorrow stuck in my throat like the apple bite that made snow-white seem dead

let me release you, throw you up, express you

allow me to say it all and protect my heart from pain…

i miss you my love and you miss me in parallel realities traveling with no suitcase , just your face reflected on the window of the train, the airplane, the car

is it really your face or mine?



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