Oh Antigone daughter of Creon
The last journey is mine the first journey is yours
Taking the path of ignorance leading to the path of wisdom is painful indeed
But you are absent succumbing to the inexorable fate of the angels
Drunk as ever to the divine bliss of the few
Longing for the moment of redemption
Oh my love if I could ever be near you I would hold you tight and kiss your hair
Entering the chamber of delight
What is there to be awaken to
The skulls the rotten flesh and the promises we can never keep
Keep promising the sunrise , keep promising the millions you never earned
Keep promising the end of the ladder
My goddess where is your throne?
Please come and sit
I can take no more offence no more lies no more destruction
Please goddess come and bless us in your own divine fashion
In your own ecstatic bliss…



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