south node Ketu playground

IMG_1561In this moment of clarity to write about the south node Ketu would be like writing about denial.

What is denial?

The very core of every pathos, the very core of what we could call illness, what we could call addiction, escape or spiritual experience in the best of times.

to write about denial involves everything that i wanted to be and never dare to go for, something like that or to have a very pathetic relationship with someone and thinking he is just a saint trying to teach me spiritual lessons.

Denial is the past karma that is mistaken for real knowledge in the field it has been played at.

We think we know this or that we are experts in this or that, we are just great in this or that, depending on the house Ketu resides.

Even if we dont see the house you know where we feel superior, ha!

There is our trap of traps lurking open to swallow every chance we have to redeem , to reassess, to learn, to expand to realize.

This misery is taking us back more and more into self absorption where we hit the bottom of the pit and there we start understanding our delusion if we are lucky to practice some form of meditation.

otherwise when we hit the pit Rahu takes over and makes us drunk and happy or self inflated with pride and promises expectations and prospects…

God where does this end?

Here under our nose nasigarga dhristi in yoga is the technique of gazing at your nose tip, this is the solution to the ever lasting denial again if we are lucky enough to take a glimpse. (να το παρουμε χαμπαρι).

inspiration is always the work of great Lord Venus and the great Guru sometimes playing together the game of duality.



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