Mercury retro plus-vedic

Everything is coming back now to reconsider whatever was unclear back then it is so clear now , it has to be true iam aware of it, it is the awareness now , it is the crisis now, because it has to be resolved otherwise it is not moving on.

do you see?

This time it is different there is the awareness of expansion !

Lord Jupiter in Gemini , there is the awareness of connection, of oneness,there is  the awareness period.

this is the difference

the reality of this retrograde from Aquarius to Capricorn is that I know now I have to make amends , I need to be in oneness with the other.

this is the paradox of being isolated, alone and going back to your memories and understanding that the other is a part of you !

the part you have neglected of the part you overlooked and took for granted.

whatever it takes you need to be aware and see what you owe to yourself to clear the path of understanding.

see what you owe to the other , see the need of the other, get out of your cocoon get out of you self-righteousness

and see the other go back again in the same story and write it again in the light of compassion.

you are not alone when you are grateful. Lord jupiter is in Gemini and the story is going to unfold for the benefit of all

it is going to be known and you will benefit as well!IMG_1630


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