Mercury retro plus-vedic

Everything is coming back now to reconsider whatever was unclear back then it is so clear now , it has to be true iam aware of it, it is the awareness now , it is the crisis now, because it has to be resolved otherwise it is not moving on. do you see? This time […]

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walking on a deadline

Millions of words silencing the mind it was a sliver of fear and then amenities in the end there was no other way but to turn around and kiss the groom goodbye open the door to the unknown and walk on the steps of your ecstatic lord to compassion the wind is blowing through my […]

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drink Goddess divine nectar drink the Essence of love drink the Tears of remorse drink the rain in the desert drink the Blood of the innocent drink the Light of the dawn drink the ocean of compassIon sweet lady! you never get drunk in your divine BLISS

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traj – ectory

when the door of illusion splashes darkness on my face; diamond rivers of unending compassion; laughing on a cell phone; ether shinning particles; moments of destiny destination joy known all along…

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