a day latter

sobriety in movements of insects knowing the path to light

sobriety the slow burning candle of awareness

knowing nothing of myself and the self abducting feeling of drunkenness

sobriety the friend of the illusion and the enemy of passion

mysterious entrance to my memory the shift of perception and the rest of the debts falling in the raft of the eternal bliss

i love you as it appears on the news of angels and the faces of the fallen

i will always love you as i can sing in the voices of others who never met you, in the voices of enemies , in the voices of the forgotten memories splashing by the seashore promising redemption from the ever present sadness inIMG_1433 your absence.

riding my motorcycle to eternity harvesting the loss and going to the palace of the surreal where memory defrost and lets the tears fall on the marble of ancient greek statue beheaded by greed.

i love you for one more day…


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