This one goes to the one I love

Blizzard indeed This one happening across the time lapse of Saturn return Splashing ashes on my faces Death of an immortal basic oxymoron Love come to my life with your death mask Get drunk get sober Play games say lies be true be perfect be romantic Everything happens because of you And you are everything […]

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a day latter

sobriety in movements of insects knowing the path to light sobriety the slow burning candle of awareness knowing nothing of myself and the self abducting feeling of drunkenness sobriety the friend of the illusion and the enemy of passion mysterious entrance to my memory the shift of perception and the rest of the debts falling […]

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By Atma A.C  Have come here as a stranger to play with water and realized suddenly oneness with it. Creatures of habit destined to explode in anger. The head does nt hold me and the mind is another stranger. How come the little red hood does nt recognize the wolf in disguise? We all know […]

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dedicated to Pieta

    As the nights get shorter and the dreams play along children games i shall speak about love the house is full of fragments  of love the tempests of freedom have left over… love is a jewel/ a step/ a station/ a path… knowing that i look in the mirror and the mirror wants […]

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venus retro

missing you or my youth? missing love or you? missing here or now? missing you as eternity expanding herself absorbing the present in a black hole reversing the process and then… you are always here and iam there forever…

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