By Atma A.C 

Have come here as a stranger to play with water and realized suddenly oneness with it.

Creatures of habit destined to explode in anger.

The head does nt hold me and the mind is another stranger.

How come the little red hood does nt recognize the wolf in disguise?

We all know she does , yet she is overconfident trying to manipulate him with her baby charm and manipulative inocense.

The universes are falling apart, the mother abandons the child, the child grows up following her shadow

I cannot talk she said , i cannot express myself, i just go along with my fathers madness, you never beat  madness.

the time is late, if i have twenty euros i would buy cat food for my cat, oranges for me and flowers for the picture of my beloved.

It has been raining for months, iam aware the place is growing green.

Iam in love with the unpredictable and i smile.

The countess forgot the door open on her way to the garden , the lilies were flowering!IMG_0085

back then spring time it was. and then through this open door the boy entered her chamber and altered the reality of her dreams.

After that she started getting younger and younger and there was no astrology book to recommend for reading those days.

The essence was so clear and her awareness started playing on the fine line between remorse and betrayal, between pain and pleasure, between prediction and let go.

So it was that the challenge was taken and she decided to make a clear move into the divine substance. she was so extremely aware that her mind was just quiet

This brought to surface the nonsense of repetition

It was well done indeed

very well done certain people might have said then, playing back, playing back everything

I dont need hope

there is an attachment there,a strong attache’

Do you really know what it is that you really want?


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