water and more water the sweetness of thy absence in elements unleashed the yielding of my life to eternity little angel of mysteries untold knowing the steps is not making a dancer walking the steps either feeling the steps probably abandoning the steps definitely longing again for your smile the glass window closed and the […]

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  is the word in the beginning?             and then the action is the action in the end and the thought in the beginning the moment of illumination… the word is incomprehensible sound yet so powerfully invoking feelings… truth is so far beyond words so far away from logos

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By Atma A.C  Have come here as a stranger to play with water and realized suddenly oneness with it. Creatures of habit destined to explode in anger. The head does nt hold me and the mind is another stranger. How come the little red hood does nt recognize the wolf in disguise? We all know […]

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youth of the youthless

morning star in my eyes passing through endless doors iam new iam here and know nothing if i could ever open the gate to the divine i would be one and then silence and the formless effulgence of non local meta-reality thats all would you call that death by any chance?

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