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IMG_0433           Oh well she said  – there is so much time to come and go and she walked away and that was the end.

she walked away in full awareness that she is not going back if that is of any importance to you to know

It was dark the whole day and when the sun came out from the eclipse she was so fortunate this time

so much revelation as if the planets made a pact as if the planets care as if the universe is intelligent inside her

pulses of light coming from the unreal

(my mom would have been scared to her pants)

oh yes the news outstanding all the rejection she received again and again was just a sign to affirm herself

to affirm her path her destination her walk to the unknown

blushed as if in love with what is not yet born

unsuspected of the outcome

brilliant as the stars conjucting in a peculiar way in the eight house of life and death

bonne appetite petite !

the tantras revealed in a peculiar way

her destiny and her destination was it in free will untamed ?


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