violet scent called you over the ocean was it me or another in me was it you or the left over of your essence? something grounding yet still the voice the vibration the lament i was awake suddenly awake to thirty years of absence in my life was this my life or the life of […]

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Not alone iam yet ever alone Splashing my face the waves of eternity New understanding new moment of absolute gratitude For being on this plane in the dynamic equilibrium of this substance Everything moves into waves of eternity Iam nowhere and everywhere People talk people cry people sing We mean nothing Everything is empty of […]

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By Atma A.C  Have come here as a stranger to play with water and realized suddenly oneness with it. Creatures of habit destined to explode in anger. The head does nt hold me and the mind is another stranger. How come the little red hood does nt recognize the wolf in disguise? We all know […]

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venus retro

missing you or my youth? missing love or you? missing here or now? missing you as eternity expanding herself absorbing the present in a black hole reversing the process and then… you are always here and iam there forever…

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di fference

    the nonsense and the guardian moments iridescent strands between eternity and here rosa bulgaris is blooming you are in the scent of reality beyond the five worlds

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