full moon i \n Sagitarius



the moon  the mind the waxing and waning of the mind stranger to itself getting the light of the sun

on Lord Siva head

the mind is the water the moon is the water the reflection the liquidity the yielding the mind

knowing the mind is as hard as letting the self be exposed to the sun

the sun will burn you and the water will evaporate and the remain ashes is your essence

\Siva lord of destruction in the realm of supersenses

transcending the unreal entering reality as an initiate

what is left is the water of the pond below the waist

what is left if you want to be the master of the  mind is the reality of burned passion instead of a burning one

then  the moon is your own it belongs to you

the lover brings the moon to the feet of the beloved

the mind is the slave knowing not this posing as the master

then i need my drugs my wine my pills my herbs my medicine

cause as i let the moon play with me iam played off

the path of the demons is on after the summer solstice

they are called demons because they are angry

they are called gods because they are indulging and they are called humans because they are greedy

how lovely indeed

they might start a war the might not

like me and my neighbours like you and your doctors like her and her school teachers

oh well its the full moon

the mind is plenty

the mind is super proud just before the fall…


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