non sense about lunar eclipse

DSC02123the mind is clear, the mind is scattered ,the mind is dull, the mind is tormented…

what is the nature of the mind?

breathing in or breathing out?

the mind always perceives what the mind wants to perceive as true…

why does mind has certain preferences?

is the conditioning of the mind that matters so much?

if the mind is in a safe place it’s getting dull, if in constant change is restless, if in love trusting, if in war mistrusting.

where is the moon is the mind , the mind resides in the house of the moon in the natal chart.

when the mind is eclipsed we are loosing it and by going to places we never been we access new information about ourselves if we are so inclined as to accept it.

the mind suffers , feelings are coming up we don’t know how to deal with and in this situation silence helps and keeping away from the crowds helps.

when the sun creates the shadow via earth on the moon the moon reflects earthly plane concepts, when those concept prevail there can be confusion.

the reality is beyond what we think as real, beyond the phenomenology, beyond the action – reaction.

reality is something we need to come to terms with , even by accepting the danger of humiliation.

therefore an eclipse of the moon is a very auspicious event when we approach it in caution, understanding of our flows and accepting the other for their contribution regardless of the pain or the pleasure that this might cause.

om shanti



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