Was it still cold outside ?
Was it snowing?
Was this Buddha laughing?
Do you like a spliff ?
will take a bath I think

The room was empty and still the night was dancing
want to cry
want to love you like mad
Want to make love to you without touching you

She never had the feeling she was touched
The base , the microphone , the poetry reading
She does not remember eating
Only smoking , drinking, loving
She was a child an angel child metatron
He was a Buddha child playing with nirvana

Kids running the dreaming of the world

She wants to cry, she want to laugh, she wants to embrace fate
Crossing the Atlantic one hundred times back and forth
Then silence…

Would you call this death?
Would you call this a blizzard?
Would you call this suicide?

Take me to eternity where everything in untainted , everything pristine
Pure delight, one…
Take me to Elysium fields
Where there is no sin / no blame/ no hurt/ no pain
Just acceptance of what is
Cause that’s it and no more

Om Tat Sat


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