To be your guardian angel my little one is

immense courage, unending devotion, unfathomable compassion…

Where are you? Come out of your frozen cave

Let me see your smile again on your blue lips

sweet baby nothing is finished drink my blood and warm your breath

years have passed in a blink and here iam for you …

let me see your eyes your burning with passion eyes have waited aeons to cry

The cry of the lone wolf finding the clan ? Mystery ? Miracle? Madness?

Here on this stepa I was born on this desert I will die with my kin alone

the funeral pyre and the baby cuddle one the same

If I could love I would love the morning dew of frozen dreams melting in vibrations of 

manifestation in universes beyond..

If I could love I would love the queendom, the excellence, the sword of diamonds,

your wolverine eyes and prostrating to your everlasting beauty I would cry your name over the 

portals of grace over and over again till the energy freezes to matter and matter alone will redeem you…

and If I could ever speak I would call you my love…


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