Youth  – a film by P Sorrentino- an after note in gratitude

the film starts where the film ends

We have a whole world of feelings to explore coming through the genuine soundtrack-David Lang- , the tarkovskian landscapes at times and the atonal direction style  blooming to a postmodern melodrama.

The film starts where the film ends as the gentle movement of the hand is touching the divine voice of the soprano

Michael Cane gently with great affection is conducting what is not his desire- a stranger in the place of his beloved-

The feeling of tremendous tenderness and affection that is naturally expressed in youth.

As in juxtaposition to Harvey Keitel ,his friend ,who is trying hard to produce his swan song attempting to employ his diva friend Jane Fonda expressing with absolute grace the cynicism and fear as the need for security is equal love

There is a zen attitude and a consumer attitude playing to their crescendo

One is going for the salto mortale and the other is paying respect to a memory

Both ends are necessary and equally important to create the uncertainty and the element of surprise in youth

The film starts when the film ends moving to tears by the divine voice of Sumi Jo…


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