Divine fire delight gods keep for themselves

Theosis to become God to control the fire element.

Why fire?

   let Heraclitus speak in his apotheosis of fire

As the progenitor of everything

Pro metheus pro genitor 

As it goes playing with words and meanings in a final divulge 

Seeing the bright side now as the dark descents to hades

Pretending helpless letting the vultures eat my liver

Regeneration then could be the means to immortality

It was not procreation then it was regeneration 

What a playground of godly amazement 

Those human slaves made of earth element procreate

Those gods made of light/fire regenerate

Say what ? You fool what are you cooking again in your guts if not the future generation oh gods?

Mysterious indeed the cave we have entered and found only earth and rocks

Earthquake then is such a terrible message to the non initiate

Good bye my love she said cut her hair bought a diamond ring and …


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