imageThe mundane and the impossible knocking at my door when the serial killer is not there

Hold me tight love as am about to open my wrists to the inevitable 

Strange coincidences watching the news of the forgotten

Some say reality is a dream yet who is offended by that?

 Is there any doubt ? Is there any feeling?

What pain and what pleasure are you evoking when you let silence cover it all like the ocean covers  the waves

Where is my taxi?

Take me to eternity you taxi diver 

working for the sailing people is a privilege the taxi driver downtown would never think

So cute your daughter , so smart , so fuckin abused by you and as you are praising her talent you praise yourself 
How great you are you have it all the daughter, the mother, the money, the name and the fame

Now is time to open the gate to nothingness, the vultures are coming , Mercury retro , have your revenge

complete the trip to eternity, one way ticket  kiss me goodbye forever am getting married is the rumour

How fancy my gown you will never know but maybe you do as am always with you a few thousand miles away…


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