Orpheus and Ευρυδίκη

Ορφνη the darkness of the night , the music of the darkness 

Eurydice the wide open perception of the mystery

Then what is the connection between music and death? How can we say it ?  there is harmony in death, this harmony of total surrender while the ego is given up to the wide perception of nothingness .

Why is Orpheus going to the underworld ? Looking for a loved one 

Bringing back from the dead the vampire the lost soul the soul too attached to travel beyond?

What is music in all this?

Is music the essence of transformation?

Without cause or effect travelling in the unknown to find a loved one.

Then silence 

Expired expectations and then only the music into transference for ever…

The door closed the cats outside sleeping on the mat warming each other, weather getting cold, she doesn’t like looking in the mirror late at night.

A vampire ritual along the planes behind the mirror and the loved one who never comes back and the loved one you looking for in the music as an orphan begging for a father for a mother for a sister for a brother…

Music then is all there is…


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