Kill the messenger syndrome

One day someone has to hear the truth and sometimes no matter how we beautify it it hurts a lot.

The ego cannot take that she is vulnerable and has weakness the ego wants to be the queen and even the queen of fools rather than like everybody else.

So it goes like one day the truth knocks on your bloody door and then whoever you find there you slit their throat.

How convenient how easy how adorable indeed for an inflated ego puffed up popcorn exploding in rage how good it feels to be the victim the innocent the great unrecognized one.

The hell brakes loose for someone who thinks they are healers and need to show the truth one day rather than fucking around the bush, what is this hell like ? Well evidently the healer is an idiot a good for nothing cheater who takes money and does fuck all.

The next step ? Well I don’t need anybody to tell me who iam 

Let me find someone better more expert more cute a modern one.

And the shit goes on exploding on ones face but what they seek is the blurred mirror

“Who is the fairest one?” You my dear the mirror says and then again we don’t trust the mirror they must be cheaters telling us we are always so good they have an ulterior motive our pretty money and everything attached

Their is no solution to this problem unfortunately but if you think you can play healer just think again cause the weather is so bloody cold out there

Love jasmine flowers they bloom for a day and then they fall like a little snow…@A.C.


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