Per se

@by atma anna christ

What if I really loved you so much so deep so unfathomable definitely that nothing can erase you from my blood ?

Is it true ? Can blood hold memories or is it the mind ? What is it that holds impressions feelings identities structures of hope 

irrevocable destinies?

Where are those held?

If I was to say the truth in front of an angel judge I would say I love you for as long as eternity lasts and longer

I would say I love you for as far as the universe goes and beyond

Would that be a lie? I don’t really know cause who am I in this vastness to decide your destiny!

Knowing nothing I would walk naked in the Forrest of memories and nothing would be more natural but your form in space and time

Whatever you selling is far too redundant spare me the excuses and the good manners

Tonight attending this ceremony initiation to nightmares

Fear is just an option in the mind of the adept

The gates are open the roses blooming the moon rising

You are me ad infinitum …


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