@ atma anna christ

The dark hours when the sun was brilliantly shining and the coincidences enhanced

having seen the lost and forgiven she had endured trauma for such a long time 

that makes me wonder if she was still alive or pretending to be so

Then the time flashed away

was wondering why if she knew anything about being rejected not wanted because of this and that and the other

In fact she was representing to them something they could not accept in themselves 

What was that characteristic or attribute ?

Probably a very wild desire for freedom that kind of freedom that makes you leave behind the comfort zone you never thought was real

Supulent  couch very green garden wonderful wine amazing food and the beach sunbathing forever.

That kind of freedom that takes you to the cold dark places to find meaning understanding resolution or closure

Who can understand that can be a friend forever

Otherwise rejection separation dissolution nonsense 

in other words something else was revealing itself as  an absolute feeling of love.

That kind of love I have no way of describing to you my distant unknown friend

A feeling of love that ties me up and frees me to a wild journeying into amazement

Awesome Forgetting and remembering at the same time…


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