Ad infinitum

by atma anna christ

Mask on and the dance was taking place on open field full of chamomile

the old pal was drunk today and no one could think of him as a child 

full of life playing baseball on a ground of camomile and the scent being still with him 

in this dark corner of his appartment on the twentieth floor of some high rise in some big city

where the apartments are full of glass windows and the sun rise light comes up too early for an old drunk in the morning

Need my soul back he said before he passed out 

Got me wondering where to whom did he sell it short for a drink , for a kiss for a real goodbye?

Then the darkness … transmission over

Listening to ‘ambient society’ late June drunk by the seashore somewhere on an island in Greece thirty years ago

in love

C est tout !

Pour rien pour tout…


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