Inveterate scar

by atma anna christ

Her marriage in black cheap dress at a city hall somewhere witnessed by some policeman and a big lady to a man who was an abandoned child seeking a mother.
A drill a paradise lost a playground for adult vampires ?
Who knows really the machinations of time metaphysics?
great time ago can be now and vice versa in the absolute relativity pool
Kiss me angel again let's have another drink in the name of loss abandonment fear
and let's play it cool sober even ascetic in the name of devotion redemption forgiveness…

Oh well she is all dressed up in Gucci tonight she manages to pass unnoticed and takes the boy by the hand
she is his mother not his bride
she is his enemy not his friend
she is the truth not the lie…

Behind the huge walls of her prison she cried bitter rears tomorrow and let the madness loose.
her time was up and left yesterday
A Porsche picked her up in her cheap black dress in her expensive silver shoes
to attend a funeral as if it was necessary for someone who did time fifteen years now.


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