By atma anna christ

Death by heat waves of unknown cause, madness, nuclear explosion, summer around the edge of Mediterranean Sea?
Colours are so perfect now I don’t want to die or maybe want too much.
In this situation I have no solution to your problem of identity crisis
The feeling I get is just colours changing in your brain and making you prone to feelings
Some days you wanna kill someone and other days you wanna sacrifice your life for someone…
Wish I could understand something but there is no cause or effect in this sequence of events, they are just random attributes of the mind going in the middle of the ocean not knowing where and what is
Therefore every wave becomes a whole world a lifetime an eternity.
Holding my breath makes me see the difference underwater in the same ocean that is different in her eyes when she drowns.
There is a breeze coming from the ocean feels like eternity as she is already arriving in her spaceship
she might save herself boarding that vessel who knows where she might end up.
What was very strange is that she said she doesn’t recognize her body , maybe it wasn’t hers to begin with, who knows what happened after her death and resurrection, who knows when they say it was just for a short time. This could have lasted a hundred years or more
Don’t know what makes me say this story now
Probably the heat waves or the absence or the blood in my brain redirecting to unknown synapses


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