All she said was “I need this”

Then time was unbearable

Then moments passed as if years in the eyes of the innocent

Then we had no mother no father no sister no brother just slow burning passion through our veins. The water was salty and food tasteless

At the end we had a feeling of being total strangers at our birthplace ; who could imagine that after so many years of pain, struggle and discontent

Now we have come to see whatever we believed as true was just another idea we had adopted being lazy to live in reality

We had friends and foes we had families we had dreams we had money we thought and all of a sudden we did not even have memories

What was this concept about, no one knew what to believe, no one had any idea about memory or whatever they called death or old age or sickness

Then she bought a car or an airplane ticket or a vehicle of some kind to go far away, disappear in the fog, she was an old woman and no one really cared if she lived or died and this was her bliss…


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