the  fog splashing information in my cortex.

iam born tomorrow i will be young today and i was old yesterday

this is my destiny on the counting down of my hybrid habituation, i would love to speak about pain and happiness today in a very short story situation everybody would understand ; but as an elitist my destiny is with the few and no necessarily wise.

this is your time my friend to speak about pain and as for you mentioning pain killers would be a natural order of things entering the domain of addiction is even more natural cause we long to turn our pain into pleasure.

how would this be achieved in a fast efficient way? taking drugs anything would do : from TV to pain killers, from pizza to cocaine. this is the mind; the mind is just prone to addiction it is one of its survival principles.

so knowing the mind you know my friend you do the most natural thing putting into your blood whatever gives instant pleasure

this could be called happiness indeed

if i were to go further to say we are as a species addicted to pleasure and we avoid pain what would that mean to you and what are the implications of such an understanding?

my next question then would be what is the mind?


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