visibility zero


mother where are you? she said and then some idol flashed out of the darkness in a sense indifferent yet the only mirror she ever had

a demanding bitch a generous benefactress a drunk  angry woman

then the endless prayer to get a husband and the husband had to be a man yet less than the mother

mother where are you?

do you love me she said

and the answer was how come you ask such a question what is love any way you have a house you have fine clothes you have good food what is love anyway

then the door was forced open the nightmare had never come back

the daughter was never to be a mother and the mother would play cards and drink wine

that was the beginning of the story except the mother was going to marry and give her husband everything she had

then the daughter would feel betrayed

did ever occured to her that she had chosen the deal?

Persephone goddess of the underworld give me a second chance to crack the earth open and redeem the elements

give me one more chance to break the spell to ride the horse enter the darkness and find myself in the other side of reality where eggs hatch and dreams resolve in other dreams

benevolence indeed


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