violet scent

called you over the ocean
was it me or another in me was it you or the left over of your essence?
something grounding yet still
the voice the vibration the lament
i was awake suddenly
awake to thirty years of absence in my life
was this my life or the life of somebody else?
you said iam painting
i did not say anything
you said to call you in the morning and i said i dont talk in the morning
the night is soft light transparent
the night is premonition to eternity
the night is the end yet endless
nostalgia maybe the wine of vampires
traveling at the speed of light and landing there next to you
watching you paint the symbols of your freedom
the depths of nothingness the ever present yearning
for light the demise the ascension the liberation
the door is locked iam transparent passing through walls next to you
smoking of your cigarettes mixing your paints
drinking your coffee
and the night passes as if day on the other side of the ocean…


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