This is the end

white jasmine flowers in a glass, jasmine tea in the pot, white dreams wedding mistakes.

Taxi rides, morning swim, life is about entitlement ? bewilderment ? Death? Unresolved desires? What is this all about?

Feng shui, astrology, divination? Emptiness in summer heat boiling blood…

Thinking of India , sweating wet cleaning toilets in the ashram… Have cleaned so much Indian shit and then becoming spiritually enlightened was a matter of taking the right breath or imagining the right colour or smelling jasmine flowers instead of shit.

Indication of spiritual advancement you get smucked in the face and turn the other cheek.

This is my education as long as it could hold real…

Then the rain had fallen and remembered the snow blizzard of another life time as an enlightened Eskimo in love… What a great path to enlightenment love is!

Meaning when I have nothing out of nothing to produce something to give to somebody else.

Mosquito bites, dog bites, vampire bites…

Now the peace has come where the air condition is giving the illusion of a breeze just to fool the senses, 

  the body is the battleground for the illusions of the mind

Give me an airplane flight a sweet fruit a jasmine flower the white of eternal bliss the pure white in the scent of a jasmine and

Home could be on Venus never mind…


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