it was a wild hot summer the Tigers were visiting the villages for food as there are no more bamboo forests left, they make them into furniture.

It was a day like any other and lying there in anxiety attack she had to decide which direction to go

If she was a tiger she would go for food

Then there is a key at every door when they are locked they mean nothing

Pain is excruciating she said , what pain is she refering to?

How was she going to escape?

Every plan was discovered in advance and she was beaten by the custodians

Then the pain,  

 the despair and again from the beginning trying to escape for the hundredth time all over again.

Who is she?

What is she punished for?

What is the sin?

What is the redemption?

We were asking these questions out of curiosity not knowing anything about the invisible state of affairs above the visible.

Who was going to travel to that parallel universe to unveil the hidden secret?

So many questions yet everybody was celebrating this very hot summer with festivals dances and drinks

Nothing seemed odd and nobody mentioned the parallel reality 

How nice this long hot summer with people loving bathing dancing and drinking under the umbrellas on the beach…


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