sounds in the background  lions howling

mind is such a master to the young

surprise is the element of fear

give me some new experience with lots of excitement

trains boats airplanes coming going embarking into adventures

fleeting happiness an hour a moment a snapshot

behind this smile so much pain so much need so much fear

yet she is smiling relentlessly to the unsuspected victims of circumstances

buy me a drink buy me a dress buy me a ticket to hell and beyond

where are you these days absent from your own life enticing assuming satiated

now the time has come for her to speak a foreign language and be foreign to herself

as being too familiar too habitual too much admired

she has been a star all the way a falling star in the abyss of pain

dancing in her black dress mourning for the unknown

finally free from indications salaries and well payed vacations

free from the consistency of escape

let her sleep please for days and nights in a row

let her sleep in her wedding dress in her permanent eyebrows and the installments of a bank loan too young too innocent too cute…IMG_0215 - Version 2


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