keeping the ancient bones in this god forsaken dessert 

Keeping the ancient temples guardian of light

Lost in the days of heat burning my skin to the bone drinking my own blood

Watering the tombs the gods of the underworld in peace to stay

Facing madness growing in the minds sickness of wicked affluence 

Lords of the highest courts please let me know

How long do I have to keep this loathed position on this rock like Prometheus by the vultures

of insanity eaten, by the madness of addiction inflicted pain, by the hope of ambition stricken ?

Oh gods of the high court is the any absolution of this sentence to guard the endless pit of fear ?

Traveling in the Dessert again in the night thirsty lost just the keeper of the ancient bones

Secrets kept by gods unknown to men yet known to the demigods

In black silk riding the camel through this dessert only a dream is left to decode and then 

there is no death just bigger circles, hypnotic dances , narcotic substances, endless stories of heroes long forgotten over this blue very blue sea beyond this dessert… 



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