IMG_0282Dying slowly again in the slow movement of conscience softly touching the immaculate

maybe its wrong or right and maybe the fire springs from water

raining all day the eyes are blue the feelings are lost/ anticipation for nothing

feeling whole and particles at the same time consequences of a dream the same recurring dream

going to a window of room she thinks she has been living there again and again and she realizes is the room of someone she knew who is dead, finally she takes her coat out of this room and her clown doll.

“Sibyl what do you want?

i want to die”

what do you know now? was it the stress on the moon? was it the rain?

or something unknown ,unforgettable, unseen, truly deja vu

this lunar eclipse has a very mystical and painful event horizon

something tender very sensitive almost revealing very close to autumn equinox as if the messes have a mystical meaning

tonight hold my hand in the dream as we walk along the abyss

white wolves howling and angels ascending…


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