re member you


exact conjunction Sun and Rahu the self is loosing anchor
scattered in the abyss of wanting more more and more
where do you stop now as the mind is eclipsing ?
there is a place on the outer orbit of this galaxy that has no meaning where all the lost souls reside
this is where i will be traveling tonight to find you in your old coat drinking beer and reading newspaper
what was the new that you have been looking for all these years?
maybe see your picture on the paper as somebody else who has lived all that you dreamt of during the blissful and occasionally painful drifts into the unexpected mostly intoxication.
how can i be more accurate than that?
the subway was taking you to work sometimes and your long black hair touching your shoulders as the snow was making them white at the edges and you smoked
you smoked cigarettes like my grandfather and spliffs and drunk beer like my other grandfather
and this unending affection is a continuum that goes from one galactic orbit to the next and there is nothing to interfere with this wave pattern it is involving only you and me and the high wave fantasy
escalating into a crescendo of ultimate bliss as your eyes focusing into mine.
thats all i remember now of you traveling on this spacecraft alone orbiting a certain planet of this galaxy that we
feel reluctant to disclose as we put all our precious memories to the banks here


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