passion ata

neither today or never tears she never shed for twenty years kept them
tears of a life lost, who am i to say if the sadness resides here or there
she had enough of conditions or expectations enough bloodshed
she is quitting the jobIMG_1980 the relationship the game is over
there is no game now
no coming or going of sweet clients with problems no more listening to unending sorrows violent complains unresolved justifications
its all over now and the eyes are clear now she can cry a river for madness is the blessing of the wild
the poison of the innocent the mystery of the initiate and the resolution of the dead
they have found a guru in india again and they have gotten mantras and initiations and blessings and they have seen miracles and they are awe striken and they are going back again.
excuse me am feeling somehow lost here counting euros as the accountant of the ashram and dont know how to justify such an income from those heavily impressed visitors who pay money to find god.
excuse me am the whore of the kind loving son of a sick mother in her death bed who hates her and depends on her for life
excuse me am the boy who has been raped by the orthodox priest whom is holding phd s from various universities and giving talks on you tube.
tears for nothing and yet for everything that deep down has a meaning even if it is a mouse in your house trying to teach you something and you feel superior you feel on top and you call the company and you loose everything in the madness of fear…


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