“All force is tension against the stream” A.W.

Accepting total defeat, surrendering to the stream the power that rules the impossible.

Is there a relationship other than the obvious. With all or with the self?

Having such a hard time understanding drama as the karma is sprouting out of it as the victim is crying

and the predator feasting .

 Who is right and who is wrong?

Yet am defeated and looking at the sky,  I know it is only a lifetime , a lifeline , a story no one knows.

no one was ever here for me and that was always fine, never indulged in such expectations!

life has been an exchange of goods or not…. and time what is time? Is the counting down of attention all that matters?

she was smiling as if there was pain really other than the tension against surrender.

Let it pain let it bleed let it ruin it all

How can this birth be possible?


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